„The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know“ (Socrates)
In today's world people tend to view themselves as superior material appearance on Earth and the Universe. Their physical, „firm“ and „tangible“ world is perceived with senses of limited power. What is mostly acceptable is physically tangible, experimentally provable, instrumentally measurable, visible to the eye... Valuable knowledge has come about by measuring with instruments, analysing what can be proven, systematizing what has been learned.
Scientists spent centuries studying organic and inorganic matter, measuring, proving, discovering, splitting atoms, analysing atom particles. Discoveries have been powerful, valuable, signifying huge steps in human thought development. But physics also realised that a wide range of unstudied phenomena happened at the subatomic level.
Finally this led to subatomic particles and a mysterious world opened, in which everything vibrated at finer levels, in pure energy. We are energy, our world is energy, as well as our thoughts and actions, everything we are, we think, we do vibrates in fine vibrations out of reach of our physical senses. The Universe is an enormous thought, and people are its parts. Quantum physicists of today would say that everything is wave, frequency, and that the material world is only a rough image, a hologram in a giant energy field. Neurologist Karl Pribram (Stanford University), author of the classic neuropsychological study book, and physicist Dr. D. Bohm (London University), Albert Einstein's protégé, analysed the holographic principle in various situation outside the area of scientific study and understanding. They used the holographic principle to explain paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, psychokinesis, brain activities etc. Their work is founded on Einstein's relativity theory, M. Plank's work and work of others. In his interview for Psychology Today Karl Pribram said the following:
„It isn't that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn't that there aren't objects out there, at one level of reality. It's that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a non-lens system, in this case a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events.“
In their research they faced a problem because their theory was hardly provable in a laboratory setting thus leading many scientists to a conclusion that they were not comprehensible, provable nor scientifically founded. However, the discoveries shed more light on bioenergy therapy healing mechanisms, quantum healing and many other complementary diagnosing and healing methods.
Bioenergy healing wasn't an unknown term in ancient civilisations even to the „primitive“ tribal communities. Traces of energy healing through touch can be found in drawings, written records and oral tradition. Hippocrates himself, the renowned ancient physician and the father of medicine, knew about healing by touch and practiced it. The western civilisation started accepting and studying in more depth bioenergy healing only in the 20th century.
A lot has remained under the shadow of mysteriousness, and man is still studying, discovering and interpreting. How much the development of the human kind has been indeed progressive! How much the human knowledge oftentimes remained stuck in the centuries-long delusions, directed in the wrong direction, tiptoed in the dark, suppressed in its natural development! The development of medicine has done a lot for the well being of people, body has been healed on the physical level, but often it was helpless together with pharmacology in resolving certain conditions, at least in their entirety. Healing was outside the grasp of all available medical and pharmacological solutions. Why? The disease in such conditions could only be treated in segments that were inaccessible and unavailable to traditional medicine, and therefore, the conditions remained unsolvable. The disease remained subdued in the spheres of non-physical, the energy spheres; cocooned, determined, unmerciful, challenging the conventional healing methods to duel, in which the winner was known from the start. Disease and medicine in western civilisation often confronted in an unequal fight, in which medicine often lacked the right weapon. Or an ally perhaps?! It was necessary to search for the origins of the disease elsewhere, to approach them at the non-physical, supra-physical level. This was only possible by energy methods, outside the realm of the physical.
The day when science begins to explore beyond physical (spiritual) phenomena, more will be discovered in a decade than over the centuries of its existence. (Nikola Tesla)
Healing by touch, energy healing isn't an attainment of the modern age, it is as old as a human being. Mothers calm their ill or upset child by a touch of their hand, by placing hands on a painful spot. And the pain diminishes, disappears. Why? Just how many times have we convinced ourselves that a touch of someone's hand is pleasing for our body, emotions, our mind? There is a folk saying about pain simply vanishing as if „taken away by hand“. How many people have ever wondered what that means? What was taken away by hand and how can it be possible? How can a hand take away pain, avert disease, bring back damaged health? Many people have not even wondered, they haven't interpreted, haven't analysed the effects mechanism in their clausal relationship, but have followed the oral tradition, long embedded instincts of their ancestors, intuition, divine knowledge – and they have healed, realising at a deeper spiritual level, higher vibrations of consciousness, that man is much more than a biochemical, physical and material wonder, an organic machine.
„A moment is sufficient to overcome infinite distance“ (R. Tagore)
Unconventional healing methods have been used since the beginning of time, they were called differently – alternative, unconventional, complementary methods, natural medicine and similar. Common denominator of the methods is energy healing (prana, chi...). Conventional (allopathic) medicine today is becoming more tolerant toward complementary methods and more and more physicians are implementing some of the complementary methods. There are an increasing number of public initiatives to merge the complementary methods with the conventional way of healing into a powerful and effective system of health care. There is a slow transference from the deep-rooted practice that aid from complementary methods is sought only when allopathic medicine fails or as a desperate search for a solution of a difficult situation. According to information from the World Health Organisation, around 80% of the global population has undergone treatment by complementary methods. The success is best evidenced by those who have been healed by complementary methods.
Man has been given a natural, divine right to grow in knowledge, development, expand experiences and never close the mind to new experiences. It is the responsibility we have to ourselves, just as A. B. Šimić poetically said:
„Man, take care not to go small under the stars“ (A.B. Šimić)
Body and soul are not two halves of an apple. They intertwine in an inseparable connection. A true approach to healing is a holistic approach to a human as a complete being. Disease should not be treated solely symptomatically selectively and pharmacologically, because in the process of a true and deep healing the most important factor is self-healing.. Healing is an interaction in which the therapist and the patient actively correlate. The bioenergy therapist conducts a cosmic informed energy which infallibly knows its path, and the patient accepts it in his or her biofield initiating the process of self-healing. The trajectory from our being to eternal knowledge of the Universe (and back) is infallibly led and passed by energy path, and the path lasts a moment. In healing, space and time are no obstacle for energy contact. The healer connects with the cosmic energy as a universal treasury, uses his or her body as antenna, and with specific body movements directs the energy to the patient. The patient accepts into his or her biofield (bioplasma, aura, energy entity...), the subtle imprint of the material physical appearance. There are a lot of different bioenergy techniques, some of which do not accept the conscious energy management so they simply use the placement of hands on the patient, and some of which combine hand movement and placement. The powerful method created by healer Zdenko Domančić successfully combines seven fundamental therapy techniques.
„Hand is the organ of organs, the tool of tools“ (Aristotle)

The bioenergy therapy healing work by Zdenko Domančić and his therapists has received great social and media attention for a long number of years due to the evident successes in healing of many diseases. Zdenko Domančić educated numerous therapists worldwide, who, through respecting the acquired method and adhering to the unavoidable code of conduct, have achieved exceptional results in their therapeutic work. Owing to the need to socially verify the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® and to become part of the health system, an educational bioenergy therapist training programme the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® has been initiated within the Adult Education Institution ProgramPLUS (more information on the programme can be obtained on our website). The first generation of educated therapists have undergone the programme, acquiring fundamental knowledge, not only in the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy®, but also in medicine, accounting, ethics, health tourism and similar. It is because the very unbalanced relationship between the conventional and unconventional approach to human health that we can find incompetent, unreliable and unprofessional individuals in practice. They certainly make difficult and disrupt the serious social positioning of the devoted and professional healing activity. This is why within the Adult Education Institution ProgramPLUS we educate professional and competent therapists who compete on the labour market not only with their serious, successful and high quality work, but acceptable qualifications and competences.
The Universe is opening our path toward the infinite source of strength, health and knowledge. We have the responsibility to use this potential in the right way. The only true way is knowledge that serves the human kind, its development and humaneness.

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