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The use of name and title Zdenko Domančić® is protected intellectual property. The owner of the intellectual property is Zdenko Domančić.
The intellectual property right encompasses the system of legal instruments determining the methods of acquiring intellectual property and of protection from its unauthorised usage.
Pursuant to the Trademark Act, the National Institute for Intellectual Property, registered the trademark ZDENKO DOMANČIĆ® under the number Z2012606 for the area of the Republic of Croatia, and the international trademark for the following areas: EU, IL, NO, US, BA, CH, RS and RU was registered by WIPO Madrid under the number 1194901.
The standard elements of the franchise package:

• brand – a trademark that the franchiser consigns to the franchisee
• know-how – how and in what way to do business under the franchise
• manuals - operational manual containing corporate procedures within the franchise
• visual identification
• training - Services that franchiser provides to franchisees
• agreement - Franchise fees that franchisees pay to franchiser
• services/machines/devices forming integral part of the business.

For more information on intellectual property rights of Zdenko Domančić® please send us an email to
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