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Zdenko Domančić, a globally renowned healer, was born in 1950 in Zadar, where he spent his youth. At 22 he left Yugoslavia and travelled the world. Although he noticed he was different at an early age, he didn’t begin bioenergy treatments until he was 30 years of age, which marked his interesting path as a healer. It has taken him to various countries in which he left a considerable track record with his healing activities. From 1975 he lived and worked in Belgium (Antwerpen), Germany (Munich), occasionally in Russia, only to return in Yugoslavia in 1985. In 1985 in Zagreb, scientific assessments of his method have been published and from then he lived on the island Ugljan (Kukljica). That period marks countless queues of ill people on the island coming to him and seeking help for their conditions. The results were spectacular, including the healing of people with severe conditions, for which allopathic medicine was helpless. Numerous texts have been preserved: patient letters, expressing gratitude for helping them heal their health conditions.

The path of Zdenko Domančić was paved with incessant research into the marginal areas of science, thus in Ugljan he founded the Society for studying fringe science. From 1987 to 1990 he lived and worked in Belgrade and from 1990 to 1994 in Poreč. He occasionally came to Zagreb, where he performed therapy in Sheraton and Esplanade hotels. In 1995 he went to Dubai (UAE) for several months of work, and from 1996 to 2008 he stayed in Slovenia, in Kranjska Gora (Larix hotel). Since 2008 he has resided in Bled (Lovec hotel). He currently lives and works in Slovenia.
Zdenko Domančić emphasises that his healing is no miracle, because he uses therapy to balance life energy (bioenergy) and as conducting agent he transmits it in contact with another person. In the transfer of energy time and space are irrelevant because energy is conducted exceptionally fast and effectively.
The aim of therapy is not only to remove symptoms of an illness, but the cause of illness itself. The therapy has a holistic, all-encompassing and beneficial effect on a person and his or her health, aiding in the psychophysical healing and the final aim – enhancement of the quality of life. In 1976, with the pushing of scientific barriers, the World Health Organisation recognised bioenergy therapy as an alternative healing method. A lot of people passed through Domančić’s hands – high profile personalities, the wealthy, the poor, severely or less severely ill, and Domančić treated them all the same – the aim is to help the body heal itself. There are numerous examples of touching songs in which the recovered, healed and happy people publically or privately give gratitude for the empowered and recovered health and life. The number of these examples is the validation and proof of the effectiveness of his method. The official medicine mostly did not have an answer to the “inexplicable” improved results of the treated patients.

Domančić’s method is powerful, non-invasive and simple energy method of healing with beneficial effects, regardless of age or condition under treatment. The method has been validated and proven at various scientific levels through scientific research into the most severe diseases. Energy is taken from nature and in the most natural way it is directed towards where it is most needed. The diseased body then heals itself, so the most important characteristic of the method is that is helps the body to win the battle against the disease. As in treatment of illnesses, the Zdenko Domančić method is very effective, even as a means of prevention.

The ancient people have for thousands of years known the power of the all-penetrating creative force, the invisible but powerful energy that permeates the universe, creates life and maintains life. They called it chi, prana, ether, life energy and other names. Today within quantum physics what was known and clear to ancient civilisations is scientifically interpreted and proven, thus Zdenko’s work is becoming more comprehensible to larger number of the population.

The path of life and healing of Zdenko Domančić hasn’t been easy. He has had to overcome a lot of obstacles because with his original and powerful method he was clearing the paths, which were hardly accessible. He has stood against disbelief, judgement and deep-rooted socially (un)acceptable attitudes on health and medical treatment. Medicine hardly accepted exceptional effects of his therapies; however, the good results have spoken for themselves most eloquently. Also, Zdenko Domančić has always been ready to subject his method to all scientific tests. We will mention only the most significant ones.
At The US Universities of Stanford and Columbia and at the Israeli University of Ben Gurion the physiological effects of the Zdenko Domančić bioenergy method were studied. The experts collaborated with Zdenko Domančić and studied the effects of his method.

In the 1986 book »Iscjelitelj Domančić – liječenje bioenergijom« (eng. Domančić the healer – bioenergy treatment), by Dražen Jakčin, the medical evaluation of Domančić’s bioenergy treatment before a team of experts was described for the first time. The book describes his treatment of moist gangrene, which according to the physicians’ opinion needed to resort to leg amputation. However, after the bioenergy treatment, the leg was saved.
other books have also been written on Zdenko Domančić’s work, of which we will mention a few:
• Draško Aćimović, Bioenergijom do zdravlja - fenomen Zdenka Domančića (eng. Through bioenergy toward health – the phenomenon of Zdenko Domančić), 1988 ,Beograd, Dereta
• Zdenko Domancic, Neslucene sposobnosti čovjeka (eng. Inconceivable human abilities), 1987, Poljana-Otok Ugljan
• Prof. dr. Radovan Starc, Liječenje bioenergijom – prema metodi Zdenka Domančića (eng. Bioenergy healing – according to the Zdenko Domančić method), Ljubljana, 2012, Sirius

The method is widely used worldwide, and Domančić’s professional therapists very successfully heal and transfer knowledge of the method to others. Recently, the Zdenko Domančić method has become part of nonformal education and training for therapists of the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® within the Adult Education Institution ProgramPLUS. The therapists of the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® use their knowledge, skills and results to open a completely new, powerful and original way of implementation of bioenergy treatments, setting new and successful therapy standards appreciated worldwide.
The qualification and training programme for bioenergy therapists of the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® is carried out in three modules (MODULE – medicine, MODULE – general courses, MODULE – bioenergy therapy) in duration of 511 hours. It will be achieved through regular, individual consultation and practicum. After the completed classes of the training programme the attendee can apply for the final examination of the acquired competences (Article 26 of the By-law on Standards and Specifications, the Mode and Procedures for Determination of the Fulfilment of Conditions in Adult Education Institutions) before a committee appointed by the professional body, as determined by the Statute of Institution. After a successful completion of the final examination the attendee is issued a certificate according to the By-law on Public Certificates in Adult Education.

In the design of the training programme for therapists of the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® the guidelines of the World Tourism Organisation have been considered. These relate to the development of human resources as the key factor in drawing up strategies and achievement of competitive advantages of public and private enterprises, oriented towards the global tourism market under the conditions of meeting standards of social acceptability of the sustainable economic and cultural development. The emphasis is placed on the acquisition of knowledge which is lacking, which is especially the case in the area of medical tourism.

Approximately a million and a half persons tried the Domančić method and their healing is the most transparent indicator of its effectiveness. In his work, Domančić has always respected the contributions of medicine in treatment. He has always considered that the correlation with scientific testing, medical diagnosis and treatment are an excellent mode of helping people and that the truth about the effectiveness of bioenergy healing will reach the ones that need it. All of which has been in the interest of man and life.
The life path of Zdenko Domančić hasn’t been as easy or simple until the achievement of full recognition, but he persisted owing to his belief in the veracity of his activities.

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