Zdenko Domančić emphasises that his healing is no miracle, because he uses therapy to balance life energy (bioenergy) and as conducting agent he transmits it in contact with another person. In the transfer of energy time and space are irrelevant because energy is conducted exceptionally fast and effectively.
The aim of therapy is not only to remove symptoms of an illness, but the cause of illness itself. The therapy has a holistic, all-encompassing and beneficial effect on a person and his or her health, aiding in the psychophysical healing and the final aim – enhancement of the quality of life.
Domančić’s method is powerful, non-invasive and simple energy method of healing with beneficial effects, regardless of age or condition under treatment. The method has been validated and proven at various scientific levels through scientific research into the most severe diseases. Energy is taken from nature and in the most natural way it is directed towards where it is most needed. The diseased body then heals itself, so the most important characteristic of the method is that it helps the body to win the battle against the disease. As in treatment of illnesses, the Zdenko Domančić method is very effective, even as a means of prevention.

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