The attendees of the COURSE II. Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića (Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy) shall upgrade the knowledge they acquired from the COURSE I. with new knowledge necessary for comprehension of dynamics of the group therapy and healing at distance, which is an important part of learning the Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića. In addition to the implemented exercises and practical work in COURSE I., it is desirable for the attendees to ensure additional work and exercise, by which they shall be able to faster master the necessary knowledge from COURSE II.
1. Short overview of the program of COURSE I. (Zdenko Domančić)
2. Repetition of the acquired knowledge from COURSE I.
3. Nutrition, habit and health (lectures, presentations, questions and answers)
4. Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića
a. Distance healing
b. Disease symptoms
c. Psychology of the ill people
d. Pathological impact on people
e. Initiation
f. Mental hygiene
g. Dynamics of group therapy
h. Questions and answers
5. Techniques and methods of Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića
6. Practical work and exercises through workshops Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića (total duration 42 hours)
7. End of the COURSE
8. Pre-Program completion – Award of the certificates

For the purpose of organization, controlling the implementation of course’s practical part and exercises during the COURSE II., and keeping a Practice journal, the program leader nominates/appoints the mentor therapists who shall implement practical part, control fulfillment of attendees’ obligations i.e. test the acquired knowledge and skills.

• PRICE 980,00 EUR
After the confirmation of the advance registration and 10 days before the start of the COURSE , we will send the necessary information by e-mail:
• Schedule per days
• Application form – entry form which consists of 2 pages which you have to fill out, sign, bring with you on the day you start the COURSE , and submit during registration.

a) The COURSE IS NOT a therapy - the therapy requires timely and separate application.
b) If you have paid for the COURSE once and participated in it, there is a possibility/option to repeat the COURSE  free of charge. It is mandatory to apply for the COURSE repetition.
c) Recording is forbidden during the COURSE (making video, photo or audio recordings), except in case when allowed by Mr. Zdenko Domančić.
d) The clients who are on therapy during the course, are entitled to their privacy. You are not allowed to comment anything you see and hear from the therapist of Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića outside the COURSE context.
e) If you contract an infectious disease which is easily transferred from one person to another, please cancel your appointment and we shall offer you an option to attend the COURSE another time.
f) If you have a mental disease (schizophrenia, psychosis, addiction etc.), you are obliged to mention it in your application, to allow us to evaluate your readiness for COURSE participation.


A registration begins on the first day of the COURSE at 8.00 a.m., in a hotel in which the
COURSE is taking place.

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