New Announcement from Zdenko Domančić®

Zdenko Domančić®, a man who devoted his life to helping those in need with his own method of bioenergy healing, has decided to retire from therapeutic work and activities.
After more than forty years of healing and teaching, alongside his therapists - educated students - he helped over a million people from around the world whom many came in despair and often powerless, grasping for last straw of hope, yet they found solace in his hands, and thousands went on to live another day, week, month, year and lots many years to come.
In this long period, we have witnessed amazing healings, that surprised everyone and gave us hope for a better tomorrow and for humanity in general. Not a day goes by that we don’t meet or hear someone’s appreciation or their miraculous transformation either through therapy or learning Zdenko’s method, let alone just positive and memorable experiences.
As our Master Zdenko Domančić® said: “We are an energetic being first and physical body second. Our bodies are just vehicles which we get to use for the time being in this plane of existence. As well as we aren’t just a mix of chemical compounds from Mendeleev Periodic tablet. Hatred, love, sympathy, antipathy, and other emotions have no material value, only energetic power. One of the fundamental laws of physics teaches us that energy can’t be destroyed, opposite it is always preserved, but it just changes it’s form so it is transformed."
Therefore, the therapies and the knowledge of "Biotherapy acc. Zdenko Domančić® method” lives on and continues to help others and finds new people willing to learn and implement it within their family and social circle.
Zdenko Domančić® transferred his knowledge to thousands of students from around the globe, many already experienced therapists who are using the acquired knowledge and skills to help people in need. It was his greatest dream, which he managed to fulfill in forty years of work and activity.
For further knowledge transfer, teaching and therapies "Biotherapy acc. Zdenko Domančić® method” will be taken care of by his closest team: Tanja Domančić (wife), graduates and licensed therapists, Stjepan Domančić (son) and Martyna Fon Žvegelj (longtime associate).

All courses and therapies will continue to be conducted by Domančić storitve d.o.o, and current information and contacts can only be found on our official websites ; (in English); (in Polish).
“The universe opens up its inexhaustible source of power, health and knowledge. It is up to us whether we use this potential in the right way. The only right path for such knowledge is to serve mankind through healing and teaching of living beings and further development of our society”.

Master Zdenko Domančić®

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